Sing With Us


Do you like to sing? Maybe it’s in your car, or you like the sound in the shower, or just around the house. Perhaps you sang with a Chorus at another time and place?

Juan de Fuca Harmony welcomes singers of all musical levels. Many of our chorus members can’t read music and had never sung in front of an audience before joining. There are no formal auditions and you won’t be judged on your abilities. Women and men of all ages are welcome.

We learn the songs with the help of learning tracks and by practice in rehearsals. At our weekly rehearsal you will be partnered with someone who has some experience so you can learn from and with them. With the use of learning tracks you can practice whenever and wherever you want, even in the privacy of your car or home.


After you have visited a few rehearsals, and you decide you’re interested in becoming a member of the group on an ongoing basis, a member will provide you with all the information about our Chapter and the Barbershop Harmony Society, along with information about costs and benefits.

COME AND SING WITH US and enjoy the camaraderie with other men and women and a team experience in learning and performing the music…And its fun!!!

For more information,  text or call Ron at (907) 602-7008, Linda at 360-775-6547, or Rich at (360) 460-2801. You can also just drop in on one of our rehearsals.

Rehearsals are 6:30 Tuesday evenings at Sunland Golf and Country Club  109 Hilltop in Sequim.   

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